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Brian M. DeLaurentis

Attorney at Law

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Thanks for visiting my webpage. I am a New York City attorney who zealously represents my clients in various international and domestic settings from the courtroom to the conference room and back regarding estate litigation (will contests), trusts, wills & estates, bankruptcy, commercial / business litigation, real estate, corporate matters and bankruptcy issues. I have handled matters in all New York state and federal courts, as well as many other U.S. states and international jurisdictions. I thoroughly enjoy being a lawyer and my vibrant, diverse practice. I hope I am able to help you with your legal needs.

When I am acting as your lawyer, my responsibility is to achieve your goals through my best efforts. My true ‘value added’ skills involve understanding both my client’s and my adversary’s goals in the context of inheritances, planning for loved ones, trusts, real estate, business transactions and commercial disputes to reach my client’s desired result.

Regardless of why you retain an attorney, trust is the essential ingredient in all attorney-client relationships. Trust is the foundation of the attorney client relationship. The client trusts that the lawyer is doing his or her best to advocate the client's interests in an economical fashion. The lawyer trusts that the client is forthright about facts and goals. I endeavor to uphold the trust that you place in me to assist you with your affairs, abide by my ethical obligations and honor your rights as my client while I am your counsel.

Please explore the facets of my practice and my professional background that are of interest to you on the left column of this page. I hope that I can be of assistance to you concerning your legal issue.

Please call or email me to schedule an appointment. An initial consultation is free of charge.

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