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Brian M. DeLaurentis

Attorney at Law

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Real Estate

I have represented parties in all aspects of real estate transactions whether you sort it by role (buyers, sellers, borrowers or lenders); form of ownership (real property, cooperatives and condominiums); type of property (residential, commercial, investment and mixed use); entity (individual, estate, corporation, limited liability company); financing (mortgage, re-financing, secured note, wrap-around, or cash); or location (New York City, upstate New York, all of New Jersey, and most of Connecticut); or special case situations such as new construction, co-op/condo conversions, fixer-uppers, foreclosures, or bankruptcy are all aspects of real estate law in which I have been involved. I am quite comfortable representing your interests in this area. Most people are not accustomed to buying or selling real estate. I fully understand and expect that you will have many questions during the process. I also understand that for many of my clients, buying or selling property is the largest financial transaction they may have been involved in, and thus, the transaction is inherently stressful. You can utilize my experience to ensure a smooth transaction to the extent possible and solve any problems that may crop up along the way.

I typically offer fixed rates for standard real estate transactions.