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Brian M. DeLaurentis

Attorney at Law

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I never have and never will represent an insurance company against an insured person or business because I understand how insurance companies operate. The key to understanding insurance advocacy for policy holders (in and out of court) is seeking out coverage within the ‘four corners’ of the policy’s pages. Once a way to obtain coverage is identified, then it must be pursued with the adjuster or with the court if necessary while the insurance company looks for any out it can find. Sometimes it will claim your application was fraudulent, or that up means down when you read the same sentence, or that some other ‘exclusion’ twelve pages later in the policy exempts them. Persistence is key because the insurance company always tries to wear you down if it can’t lock you in early and cheaply.

With me representing you, I strive to hold the insurance company to the laws that favor insureds: policies read in ordinary English meanings; obtained to cover the general, intended purpose; and when there is a claim, adjusted in good faith.

To give you an example, Client K’s apartment was damaged by a fire that happened at the building next door. The next day, the same building had another fire on a different floor that really decimated my client’s apartment. The insurance company claimed that only one coverage limit applied because it couldn’t discern which fire caused which damage. Wrong, said the judge after hearing my arguments. The court held that the insurance company was obligated to double coverage because there were two fires.